Doug’s Story

Doug Nachtigal Founded Rocklyn Medical Supply, Inc. 1999 C1 quadriplegic as of September 11, 1994

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Our founder, Doug Nachtigal, is a long time Washington resident. He was building a successful business in the ranching industry when tragedy struck in 1994. The car Doug and his wife were driving in was hit at a high speed by a drunk driver. Doug survived a rare C1 spinal cord injury when he was hung by his seat belt. He spent 5 months as an inpatient at Harborview Medical Center before returning to his family home. After three years of out patient therapy, Doug began working in the medical supply field, which led to the founding of Rocklyn Medical Supply, Inc.

Doug is currently a C1 quadriplegic with the functionality of a T5 paraplegic. He enjoys snowmobiling, horseback riding, boating and spending time with his wife and two daughters on their horse ranch. He is an active volunteer with the Lincoln County Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, does informational public speaking at schools throughout Eastern Washington, and is involved with several mentor programs at Harborview and the University of Washington Medical Centers in Seattle & St. Lukes Rehabilitation Institute in Spokane.

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