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Erectile Dysfunction: Treatment & Care

There are various factors used to describe men, their abilities, money value and others. Sexual abilities is a factor with no doubt behind the mind of every man and in particular those men experience incomplete erections or no erection at all. Erection dysfunction is a health condition characterized by incomplete erections or an erection that do not last as long as the man would expect. This however should will no longer be a problem when you discover the healing power behind some medications and in specific the Kamagra oral jelly. Kamagra oral jelly is a medicine manufactured specifically to treat weak or incomplete erections in men.

Kamagra SwitzerlandHow does Kamagra work in the body?

According to Viagrasuisse.com, the jelly works under simple rules or procedures behind a successful erection, proper follow of blood in the penis. It triggers the brain to direct a lot of blood to the penis and at the same time relaxing the blood vessels around the penis to ensure a hard and lasting erection. From its method of working, the user would expect side effects related to the medicine. The side effects range from mild to sever hence the need for a health professional before taking the medicine. Some of the side effects related to the Kamagra oral jelly (Sildenafil) include but not limited to the following: headache, dizziness, muscle pain, upset stomach are examples of mild side effects. The effects are related to extreme demand of energy required to maintain a firm erection. The mild side effects usually go away after some time but it would be advisable to see a doctor if they are extreme and last longer than normal.

How long does it take for sildenafil to take effect?

The medicine is taken orally, 15-30 minutes before engaging in the sexual act, this is to give the medicine enough time to interfere positively to your body relating to the sexual act ahead. Upon sexual arouse, the Kamagra will assist the penis to have a firm erection which should last for about 2-4 hours, probably more than any man would demand. If the erection exceeds undesirably four hours medical attention might be necessary.

When should you not take Kamagra jelly?

The medicine is only intended for men. You can take the medicine any time provided 30 minutes before engaging in the act. However you should only take the medicine once per day. Before taking the Kamagra oral jelly, everyone should be aware of the following:

  1. The medicine should be taken 30 minutes before engaging in the sexual act for optimum results.
  2. You can only take the medicine once per day.
  3. You should not take the medicine if you had previous heart related diseases like high blood pressure or heart attack.
  4. You should also avoid combining the medicine with alcohol, it usually increase the side effects.
  5. You should also avoid long drives after taking the medicine because dizziness is part of its side effects.
  6. Those with kidney or liver related issues should take the medicines under doctors interventions.
  7. You should be aware of the overall related side effects as severe side effects can be fatal, however chances of severe side effects are minimal.

Do not let poor sexual performance influence your day to day activities by diminishing your self-esteem, order the Kamagra oral jelly from their respective genuine website and have it delivered to your doorstep at an affordable price.

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